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Why Choose Us

Our services are broadly grouped within various categories.


ICT Infrastructure Deployment

In today’s complex world of competing costs and rapid innovation, a strategic and well-thought approach to infrastructure deployment is imperative. Such an approach helps ensure that infrastructure implementations are consistent with business objectives, and can grow and adapt to changes in your organization.


Software, Technology Integration & Enterprise Solutions

Smart organizations know that they need nimble and robust tools to compete and consistently deliver outstanding results for their customers. Our software practice is positioned to equip you with the tools you need to cut costs, improve operational efficiency, and make smarter decisions—faster.


Security Solutions

Realigned Technologies security solutions reduces risk; guarantees critical systems; enable intelligence gathering and offers our customers deeper insight. In today’s world, security must be dynamic in nature. Realigned Technologies can deliver a customized platform that will enable you to mine and draw conclusions from data, trends and phenomena.



By deploying Software-as-a-service (SaaS), you give users access only to the resources they need for a particular task. Software as a Service allows organizations to access business function at a cost typically less than paying for licensed applications and hardware, allowing you to be highly efficient in your expenditures.
Cloud computing also offers much more than cost savings by allowing your users to access the latest software and infrastructure offerings that foster business innovation.


Consultancy & Advisory

Information Technology is frequently treated as controlled business expenditure rather than a potential growth catalyst. Our seasoned professionals are able to guide and provide deep insight on solutions that will help your organization strategically align, and manage your IT investment so that you can operate with greater efficacy and derive high ROI’s.


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